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Do you know anyone in a Rehabilitative or Skilled Nursing facility who wants to go home to finish recuperating after hospitalization? Virtual Healing’s Nurse Practitioners and nursing staff will help you care for your loved ones so they can heal at home.

Health Care Consultant

Consultation is offering guidance and direction to resolve any immediate health care issues. We also clarify discharge orders, medications concerns, or follow up instructions. Charged as an hourly service.


After Hospital Help and Support

Monthly services are available for those who may need extra time convalescing, especially if they are presently in a rehab or extended care facility. Our expertise involves helping patients transition from these facilities to their homes engaging the entire healthcare team, maximizing continuity of care and recovery.

The First 30 - 60 Days Are The Most Dangerous

Post Hospital Syndrome is the 30 to 60-day window following hospitalization where patients over 65 are at the greatest risk of having functional and physical decline. In most cases, their deterioration results from the accumulative effect of the hospital stay itself. For example, irregular sleep, pain, extra medications, not eating, and prolonged bed rest. In addition, there is the overwhelming overload of unfamiliar faces, noises, tubes, and tests to add to the unwelcomed environment.

By the time the patient goes home, they are weak, irritable, and sometimes confused; they can spiral downward. The good news is the Medical Professionals at Virtual Healing can help get them back.


Why We Make A Positive Impact

  • Strengthening and mobility
  • Discussions on healthier food choices to enhance healing.
  • Engage and educate the patient, family, & caregivers
  • Safety measures
  • Medication review
  • Prevent complications i.e., falls, infections, depression
  • Keeping family current with their loved one’s condition.
  • Your Dependable Advocate

    The team at Virtual Healing works with all medical parties involved to promote the best interest of the patient in an effort to coordinate their care.

    These include:

    • Health Home Agencies

    • Physical Therapists

    • Occupational Therapists

    • Physicians

    • Pharmacists

    • Social Workers

    • Ministers

    • Hospice

    • Families


    Educate Engage Improve

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