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Hospital Stay Guide

Your Guide to a Safe and Swift Hospital Stay" is written for families of the hospitalized patient. It teaches them how to actively participate in their care to enhance a safer and quicker recovery.

The phone rings. Someone you love has been hospitalized. Your stress level quadruples. You want to be clear on what you can do, and not succumb to being helpless during the turmoil nor in the days that may follow.

When you turn to the internet to learn about their condition, treatments, and therapies, you also read about negative complications caused by healthcare errors- and you affirm, “I can’t let such an outcome happen to my loved one.” Your mind wanders. What should you do?

Maureen Healy, a skilled and compassionate nurse practitioner with 25 years working as a registered nurse in hospitals, has published Your Guide to a Safe and Swift Hospital Stay. This powerful new book provides families and caregivers with concrete and specific instructions on how YOU can contribute effectively as an essential part of the healthcare team.

The author provides the specific answers you need- when that need suddenly confronts you. Research shows when families, friends, or caregivers participate in the patient’s care, the number of healthcare errors are reduced, and patient outcomes are improved.

Your Guide to a Safe and Swift Hospital Stay uses a PAINFREE acronym as a reference to help families and caregivers learn in an easy-to-follow approach to encourage recovery and stay alert to subtle changes that may indicate a complication or start of a relapse.

It helps the reader to think about all the different aspects necessary to promote recuperation while preventing mishaps during hospitalization or a rehabilitative facility. You can become an essential part of the Team that allows your loved one a safe and swift hospital stay.

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