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Holistic Support

We consider the whole picture: Mental, Social, Spiritual, and Physical aspects to improve health. 

Baseline Vital Signs

 Being aware of our blood pressure, heart rate, and weight keeps us informed of changes we may need to make.

Prevent Complications

Pneumonia, infections, and blood clots are potential problems, both during and after hospitalization. We offer suggestions to help prevent setbacks and speed up the healing process!

Worsening Symptoms

Our staff is always listening for warning signs, ready to make urgent care or emergency referrals as needed.


We connect with you virtually using phone, video, and email.  We stay up to date with current technology to maintain HIPAA protection.  

Your Guide to a Safe and Swift Hospital Stay written by Maureen Healy, APRN

A resource for patient’s families and caregivers to help expedite a safe & swift hospitalization.



Maureen started as a Registered Nurse, working for over twenty-five years in emergency rooms, intensive care units, and specialty areas. A natural part of her nursing was teaching patients and their families to become active participants in their personal recovery. She is a strong advocate for patient safety and engagement, as well as preventing infections, illnesses, and re-hospitalization. Maureen became a Nurse Practitioner in 2014, growing professionally in diagnosing and treating acute and chronic conditions. Maureen has now expanded her roles as an author to incorporate families during hospitalization, and as an Independent Practitioner specializing in post hospital recovery. The services offered by Virtual Healing’s staff include detailed, compassionate, personalized care, resulting in fewer infections and emergency room visits. This holistic approach embraces a growing trend to empower patients to take more control over their health. This, in turn, reduces their chances of developing chronic conditions or falling into the confusion of polymedication. The advantages of our services not only improve the patient’s health but also help to contain costs that benefit the community at large.

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American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

American Diabetes Association

American Nurses Association

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