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Telehealth Reaches Nearly 100 Million Users

The number of people using Telehealth will increase to nearly 100 million this year, up from only 14.3 million worldwide just 5 years ago according to a recent study.
Key factors driving interest in Telehealth (Besides the obvious Covid-19 safety measures) include rising healthcare costs, aging populations, and the number of people living with chronic diseases.
For everyone else Telehealth is appealing for a wide variety of reasons including No waiting. Telehelath platforms like Virtual Healing are set up to immediately start getting information on what your ailment is, or set you up with a virtual visit in seconds. Cost. Healthcare is expensive. Even if you have insurance the copays for visits, procedures, and medications really add up.
Telehealth services like Virtual Healing often are often a fraction of traditional health care costs, and often exceed the care. And of course, No exposure. The best way to keep exposure for yourself and others at bay when feeling ill or addressing a health issue is to stay home while getting treatment, and telehealth makes that possible.
Virtual Healing, Inc., is a Telehealth service, staffed with experienced Health Care professionals, to help you with your healthcare needs.
Call Virtual Healing at (727) 729 2099 for a consultation. You may also visit us online to schedule an appointment or to discuss any health related issues.
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