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Virtual Healing provided answers … “in terms I could understand”

It was mid-June 2019 when the pain came and didn’t stop.

“I was admitted to the hospital with pancreatitis and gall stones,” shares Barry. “I was in the hospital for five days: two to prep for surgery, one day to remove my gall bladder and excise my bile duct, and two more days for recovery and observation.”

While recovering in the hospital, Barry received medication to control his pain. He was left to his own devices to design his post-discharge recovery plan.

“I asked my nurses,” clarifies Barry, “but never got good answers. There didn’t seem to be time”

While Barry’s recovery was expected to proceed without complications, he still had concerns. “I’d never been in the hospital before,” he explains, “so I didn’t know what to expect, or where to find answers.

“That’s when I brought Virtual Healing into play. I’m a pretty active networker,” Barry points out. “I knew Maureen Healy, founder of Virtual Healing, through my business contacts. Her company offers phone-based support following a hospital stay.”

Virtual Healing took Barry’s post-discharge instructions and translated them into terms more easily understood by a recovering patient.

“Virtual Healing explained the hospital’s instructions for my first week at home,” says Barry. “They covered everything from how much exertion I could handle, to what to eat, what to expect as my body healed, what I could do to help myself, and side effects of my medications. This should have been explained to me in the hospital, but it wasn’t. And I was told to expect two follow-up calls from the hospital once I was home. No calls came.”

A month after his discharge from the hospital, Barry had already resumed his normal activities. He attributes that to the plainly translated instructions and practical guidance provided by Virtual Healing.

“Without Virtual Healing, my recovery would have been a lot more anxiety-filled,” he emphasizes. “The hospital didn’t explain anything, so I would have relied on hearsay, or suggestions from family members. With Virtual Healing, I had practical advice from medical professionals who understood what I was going through and explained things in terms I could understand.

“If someone I know needs any type of surgical procedure, I’d insist they get in touch with Virtual Healing.”


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