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We are Nurse Practitioners Providing Hospital Recovery Assistance.

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 Home Recovery

Maureen Healy, APRN and Founder of Virtual Healing, Inc., has published a new book to help families and caregivers become an active part of the healthcare team. The information is a hands-on-guide to help prevent hospital errors, infections, and falls. It will support patient recovery.

What We Do

Virtual Healing, Inc. is both a telehealth and hands-on service specializing in helping seniors recover after hospitalization. Our staff uses an all-inclusive approach to assess, guide, and engage clients and families to promote a full recovery. We also work with caregiver organizations and correspond directly with the caregiver to track progress and assure continuity of care.

  • Collaborate with physicians, pharmacists, & all team members involved
  • Medication review and reconciliation
  • Follow up with lab and diagnostic test results
  • In-home evaluation to promote safety
  • Reduce infections and falls
  • Encourage exercise, good food choices, & social interaction
  • Mediate and educate caregivers and families
  • Assess unresolved issues or concerns
  • Treat minor illnesses
  • HIPAA compliant platform

During a hospital stay there is much activity with the number of staff coming and going. Mistakes and mishaps can happen. We offer suggestions that will reduce potential errors and infections, as well as boost the immune system.


Just got home from the Ambulatory Surgery Center, Hospital, or Extended Rehab facility and wonder what to do next?  We will review your discharge orders, explain in layman’s terms what the physician has written, offer tips for a speedy recovery, and assess patient-specific needs. This is an example of our consultative services. 

Medical Maze

Managing our healthcare system is a challenge. The team at Virtual Healing will assist with navigating the system while keeping you on track with current or pending tests.


Resources and Education will be recommended to further your understanding of your current medical condition(s).  Encouraging families to participate will aid with comprehension and recovery.

Vision Statement

Helping People Achieve their Optimal Level of Health.

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